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Asia steel scrap price spotlight

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Asia steel scrap prices 

Asia steel scrap price table - HMS 1 and 2 Taiwan Vietnam, Bangladesh Japan South Korea

Asia ferrous scrap price trends

Steel scrap Taiwan cfr HMS 1&2 (80:20) US origin, containerized, $/tonne (MB-STE-0464)

Asia steel scrap price chart - Taiwan import HMS 1and2 cfr

Steel scrap Vietnam cfr HMS 1&2 (80:20) deep sea bulk, $/tonne (MB-STE-0783)

Asia steel scrap price Vietnam import hms 1and2 cfr

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Why trust Fastmarkets’ steel scrap prices? 

Since the beginning of 2020, Fastmarkets has rapidly expanded its coverage of Asia steel scrap markets.  

It has launched new steel scrap prices for key markets such as Bangladesh, Japan and South Korea to complement established benchmark prices for the Taiwan, Vietnam, India and China markets to give Fastmarkets subscribers a complete picture of Asian scrap markets. 

Fastmarkets has published metal price benchmarks since 1882 and continues to provide comprehensive, transparent and market-reflective prices aligned with IOSCO principles each and every day.  

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We are constantly looking at ways to improve our pricing mechanisms to reflect the changing demands of physical markets. Constant engagement with all aspects of the supply chain make this possible. We will continue to evolve our steel scrap pricing mechanisms in line with industry standards and will continue to work with the market to provide credible and transparent pricing tools. 

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