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For those trading within the packaging market, you can rely on our analytical and editorial services to track the dynamics affecting your prices. Our paperboard and packaging price reporting platform provides data, forecasts, expert economic analysis and more for all grades of containerboard, linerboard, boxboard, and kraft papers.

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Our subscribers are among the first to learn about critical acquisitions, capacity changes, mill closures, and machine upgrades and conversions. They also receive up-to-the-minute alerts on key import and export news and government regulations. Here’s just a small selection of the new and analysis our packaging experts produce.

Levels for UBL kraft paper are down $10/ton for 30-lb lightweight grocery bag paper and down by $10/ton for 50-lb unbleached natural multiwall sack kraft paper
The latest round of EU sanctions are having an impact on recycled containerboard and unbleached kraftliner prices
US KLB was being offered at as much as $150-180/tonne below the expected top-of-range prices
Box price declines not yet reflective of linerboard and corrugated sheet price drops, said contacts
We speak to a packaging procurement professional from the FMCG sector about inflation, logistics and meeting sustainability targets
Leaders from West Rock and Graphic Packaging share their business updates and optimism in plastic replacement
Sheets of brown corrugated cardboard used for filling in fragile parcels.
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Stack of packages on front porch after mail delivery
Be the first to know about price movements, capacity changes and other important market shifts throughout the global packaging market
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One of our products gives you full access to price indices on all major grades of packaging paper and board including containerboard, boxboard and kraft papers. We also deliver prices on an unmatched list of sub-grades and products for the North American, European, Asian, and Latin American markets.

  • Greyback Duplex Board, Land Dragon, 250g, Jiangsu, Zhejiang & Shanghai (tax included), RMB/tonne
  • Greyback Duplex Board, Fuyang premium, 250g, Jiangsu, Zhejiang & Shanghai (tax included), RMB/tonne
  • Greyback Duplex Board, Fuyang commodity, 250g, Jiangsu, Zhejiang & Shanghai (tax included), RMB/tonne
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Our data, reports and analysis boost your decision making by offering an extra layer of insight to help you anticipate changes in the packaging market.

Get access to over 200 different prices including Brazil Triplex and Coated Duplex
Access over 20 short and long-term forecasts critical to your business
Keep up to date with the latest packaging news, and be in the know about critical market shifts
Find out how we assess and forecast prices for pulp, wood, biomass and more
A Russian timber forest, forest products production
Breaks down your prices, showing you the key cost drivers and how they have evolved
Paper and Pulp Mill
Insight into mill operations, cost, profitability, and competitive standing for 4,500 assets worldwide
Forest illuminated by the rising sun
Detailed objective analysis and forecasts on critical trends impacting major markets
In this special report, “How paper packaging buyers are managing procurement risk”, we will look at how big multi-national FMCG companies across Europe and North America are being affected by and responding to this complex set of procurement risks.
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