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Manganese is not only an essential alloy in converting iron into steel, but it also plays a crucial role in the longevity, energy and performance of the batteries produced to power electric vehicles. Logistical restrictions from Covid-19 had a significant impact on the manganese flake market, particularly during strict periods of lockdown in China. Almost 97% of total manganese flake production worldwide comes from China, and so we saw material tightness during this period.

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    • Manganese sulfate 32% Mn min, battery grade, exw mainland China, yuan/tonne
    • Ferro-manganese low carbon 80% Mn, max 0.80% C, in-whs Pittsburgh, US cents/lb
    • Manganese 99.7% electrolytic manganese flake, in-whs Rotterdam, $/tonne

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    Spotlight on sulfate

    A three-part series on the manganese sulfate market, covering expected volatility due to supply challenges, pricing mechanisms for manganese sulfate and battery chemistry and supply chain developments

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    Producing battery-grade manganese sulfate in China is “logical” even for non-Chinese companies, due to the country’s strong demand and cost competitiveness, according to the chief executive officer of emerging Australia-headquartered producer Firebird Metals

    Seaborne manganese ore prices to China rose further in the week to Friday March 8, following fresh deals in the higher and lower-grade markets

    The ferro-alloys sector in China has shown a muted response to the country’s economic targets set for 2024 and laid out in the government work report released by Premier Minister Qiang Li on Tuesday March 5 in Beijing, industry sources have told Fastmarkets

    The market for downstream ferro-alloys — including ferro-chrome, silicon-manganese, ferro-manganese, ferro-silicon and vanadium — should remain weak after the Lunar New Year due to oversupply, sources told Fastmarkets. But the market for alloy ores, such as chrome ore, manganese ore and tungsten concentrates, should remain with stronger fundamentals after the February 10-17 holiday, sources said. […]

    Despite this, in their discussion on manganese ore and manganese alloys, experts including Asia Minerals Limited (AML) director Gautam Kumar, Project Blue founder Jack Beddar and WoodMac research director Kevin Fowkes weighed in on the various methods for reducing carbon emissions and the challenges they pose for ferro-alloys producers. “The problem is the most hazardous […]

    Volatility in key currencies has been at the forefront of the minds of many steel and ferro-alloys producers, traders and buyers in 2023

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