Fastmarkets NewGen Graphite Long-Term Forecast

Understand where and when graphite supply will come online with a 10-year outlook on the graphite market

Our Graphite Long-Term Forecasts are part of a set of products including Long-Term Forecasts for lithium, cobalt and nickel

Both natural and synthetic graphite play a key role in the electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage system (ESS) markets.

The next 10 years matter as different cathode chemistries will pull on graphite supplies – placing a premium on understanding where and when graphite supply will come online. Add to this the need to understand if changes to the production process to ease ESG concerns, particularly the synthetic graphite production process, will have a material impact on price.

The Fastmarkets NewGen Graphite Long-Term Forecast leverages our deep immersion in the graphite market and the associated price data and market intelligence. These insights are paired with expert economic modeling and data to provide market participants and investors with unmatched clarity on how the graphite market will evolve in the next 10 years.

The 10-year Graphite Long-Term Forecast includes:

  • Price forecasts for graphite spherical and graphite flake for Europe and China
  • Demand forecasts from the EV and ESS markets and from different car types and battery chemistries
  • Supply forecasts including an in-depth review of future supply from existing and new producers and projects
  • Supply/demand balances
  • An in-depth analysis of precursor/active material capacity in China
  • Access to our expert analysts

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