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Nickel is a metal with a bright future as it is the main alloying metal needed to produce certain types of stainless steel. The strength and life span of products built with stainless steel is vastly superior to similar products built with non-stainless steels.

So while products made with stainless steel may be expensive to buy, the after-care and long life-span of those products may mean it is cheaper to use stainless steel than alternative cheaper materials that might need more maintenance or be replaced more regularly.

Stainless steel is used widely in the catering sector, petrochemical industries and household items such as fittings, fixtures appliances and public buildings for items such as roofing, cladding, lifts and escalators.

Since 2006, nickel pig iron (NPI) has become an additional source of nickel, which has changed the dynamics of the market considerably. China has been the main user of NPI.


Sample Nickel News from FastMarkets Professional

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