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Energy transition news, prices and events

How green, clean energy is driving change in metals markets

The energy transition is one of the biggest forces of change in commodity markets today. The world is moving away from carbon-based fossil fuels, towards renewable sources of energy and the electrification of global energy systems. Each step towards cleaner energy increases demand for key energy transition commodities – copper for conducting electricity, battery raw materials to power electric vehicles and store renewably-generated energy, and the steel, aluminium and other materials used in the construction of renewable energy infrastructure. Significant investment is needed, not just to increase supply, but to do so sustainably to help the world meet its climate goals.

Read on for our latest analysis of how the energy transition is reshaping global commodity markets, and what that means for producers, traders, investors and buyers then deep dive into this important market at our annual conference: Lithium Supply & Markets 2021 on September 20-22, 2021. Learn more and register here.

  • Graphite

    Graphite producers for the anode market adopting ESG faster than other sectors

    Awareness and incorporation of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) policies within the graphite market are slowly developing, especially in the anode sector

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  • Nickel in EVs 2018 vs 2025

    The many forces driving nickel price volatility

    Bullish sentiment about nickel demand, compared with long timeframes to increase mine supplies, has driven prices higher. But continuing uncertainties about the future of nickel demand and supply growth have created a volatile market

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  • Fastmarkets futures contracts

    Three key points about lithium futures contracts

    Experts from the battery value chain share insights into the evolution of lithium prices and how the new lithium futures contract will help manage risk

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  • Copper refining

    How copper's mine-supply crunch is driving prices to record highs

    London Metal Exchange three-month copper futures hit $10,720 per tonne in May amid disruption from the Covid-19 pandemic and political tensions affecting material supply from mines.

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  • US flag

    The American Jobs Plan and metals demand

    United States President Joe Biden’s strategic jobs plan will potentially have profound effects on commodity markets and supply chains.

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  • lithium salt flats

    Super cycle demand boom faces labor shortages

    As demand for battery raw materials grows, economic conditions and supply constraints are driving prices higher while labor shortages could affect the development of new lithium projects.

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  • EV charging

    EV demand driving long-term nickel, cobalt outlook, Sherritt says

    The demand for nickel and cobalt as battery materials for electric vehicles (EV) will keep their long-term bullish fundamentals intact, according to Canadian miner Sherritt International.

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  • lithium carbonate vs hydroxide chart

    LFP battery resurgence is altering price dynamics

    China's preference in lithium-ion batteries chemistries is changing. The increasing market share of LFP batteries is impacting Asian lithium prices.

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  • lithium salt flats

    Fastmarkets & CME Group launch cash-settled lithium contract

    New lithium contract helps market participants mitigate risk as the growing electric vehicle sector increases the interest in lithium futures.

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  • How the lithium market is moving forward

    With prices on the rise again, we look at how the lithium market has developed since the last significant price rises in 2017/18.

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  • european supply chain

    The emerging European battery supply chain

    Europe looks to regionalize battery supply chains to capitalize on EV growth

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  • green copper

    A green future: looking ahead to uncertainties in the copper industry

    The copper industry faces key questions as it looks for a common understanding of sustainable copper production.

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  • lithium wrap

    Hydroxide prices post gains on supply constraints

    Read this week's global lithium wrap to keep up-to-date with the latest news and price insight

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  • nickel sulfate in batteries

    Nickel sulfate supply chain dynamics in focus

    As global demand for electric vehicles (EVs) increases, the focus on battery technology and the challenges relating to production becomes more acute.

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  • lithium spotlight

    Lithium spotlight - updated weekly

    Keep up to date with all the important changes, risks, and opportunities driving the lithium market.

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Featured energy transition prices

From copper to lithium, we've got the key energy transition materials covered

  • Copper prices

    From raw materials to specific grades we provide extensive pricing coverage of this essential metal

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  • Lithium prices

    We provide prices that cover the various grades and types of lithium used in EVs, batteries, electronics and their raw materials

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  • Cobalt prices

    Covering both grades and payables our cobalt prices include our benchmark price Cobalt standard grade, in-whs Rotterdam, $/lb

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Energy transition products and services

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Fastmarkets customers can access the energy transition market page. It gives you a comprehensive view of the latest news and prices in key segments of the energy transition, including energy and power materials, and energy and power infrastructure. It includes detailed price correlations for the relevant minor metals, alloys, base metals, industrial minerals, non-ferrous scrap and steel products. Rare earths are also important here.