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Energy transition news, prices and events

How green, clean energy is driving change in metals markets

The energy transition is one of the biggest forces of change in commodity markets today. The world is moving away from carbon-based fossil fuels, towards renewable sources of energy and the electrification of global energy systems. Each step towards cleaner energy increases demand for key energy transition commodities – copper for conducting electricity, battery raw materials to power electric vehicles and store renewably-generated energy, and the steel, aluminium and other materials used in the construction of renewable energy infrastructure. Significant investment is needed, not just to increase supply, but to do so sustainably to help the world meet its climate goals.

Read on for our latest analysis of how the energy transition is reshaping global commodity markets, and what that means for producers, traders, investors and buyers then deep dive into this important market at our annual conference: Lithium Supply & Markets 2021 on September 20-22, 2021. Learn more and register here.


Why there's still time to avoid a lithium supply crunch

Special report

As lithium’s critical role in the energy transition comes into sharper focus, confidence in supply falters. Amidst the many concerns about these issues, we provide a pragmatic view of the future for this market.

The latest market news and insights

  • COP26 summit logo purple background

    Transport emissions and fuels take center stage at COP26

    Cleaner, greener fuel is one of the key issues on the agenda for UN climate talks in Glasgow as leaders meet to discuss emissions cuts and net-zero commitments

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  • wind turbine with two engineers climbing it

    Building sources of rare earths supply

    With rare earth prices climbing on fresh demand from the new-energy sector and the potential for future Chinese supply constraints, governments outside China are supporting new sources of supply, William Clarke reports

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  • close up of graphite

    The critical need for synthetic and natural graphite to meet EV sector growth

    Numerous challenges are ahead for the graphite industry while it develops to meet the needs of the rapidly growing electric vehicle (EV) sector.

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  • cars in factory being built by machines

    Automakers navigate challenging times

    Automotive manufacturers have faced a bumpy ride since the beginning of 2020, with the Covid-19 pandemic hitting production and demand, while its effects on the supply chain have created shortages of materials and components. Myra Pinkham unpacks the trends and outlines the road ahead

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  • abstract visual of lithium battery

    Seaborne lithium prices in Asia rise further on tight supply

    Seaborne lithium prices continued to edge up in Asia on tight availability over the week to Thursday November 4, with momentum in China filtering through to the wider regional market

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  • pile of wood pellets

    What is the role of biomass in the global race to net zero?

    The world is racing to meet emissions targets and limit our dependency on fossil fuels. What kind of role could biomass play in the race to net-zero?

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  • Image of lithium battery

    Lithium supply and demand to 2030

    Frequently asked questions about lithium, a key energy transition material

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  • close up of copper coil rolled up

    HOTTER ON METALS: Cooling copper and the credibility challenge

    The three-month copper contract is trading near record highs on the LME, cash prices are rising even faster, and inventories are descending toward zero. Try running a hedge book in those conditions

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Highlights from our LME Week 2021 coverage

  • Finance graph

    Huge changes pull traders to London metals week | LME Week 2021

    London metals week remains a key milestone in the commodities calendar. Discover our special LME Week 2021 coverage on key commodities such as nickel, lead, tin and lithium.

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  • salt flats in Argentina

    A fast and furious year for lithium | LME Week 2021

    Fastmarkets analyst William Adams and reporter Sofia Okun size up the lithium market as part of LME Week 2021.

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  • Two pieces of cobalt against black background

    Strong growth for cobalt, but some headwinds too | LME Week 2021

    As part of LME Week 2021, Fastmarkets analyst William Adams and reporter Alexander Cook give an exclusive look at what buyers and sellers are saying in the cobalt market.

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  • close up of copper coil rolled up

    Another year of supply deficit to support copper prices in 2022 | LME Week 2021

    Fastmarkets analyst Boris Mikanikrezai and reporter Yasemin Esmen provide an outlook on the copper market as part of LME Week 2021.

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More energy transition news

  • Why EU's carbon border adjustment mechanism is an afterthought for aluminium traders

    The low-carbon production of aluminium has remained in the spotlight during COP26, the United Nation’s global climate change conference now under way in Glasgow, but the EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) remains an afterthought for the European aluminium market.

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  • Will the UK fuel crisis boost electric vehicle sales?

    While the fuel shortage has boosted interest in electric vehicles, it may be short-lived once the crisis is resolved.

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  • Is the spot market for spodumene influencing contractual negotiated pricing?

    Surging spot spodumene prices following aggressive bids in the latest Pilbara Minerals’ spodumene concentrate auction has elevated negotiated prices for fourth-quarter term contracts.

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  • Why the lithium market needs to take a leap of faith on pricing

    Fastmarkets index manager Peter Hannah asks the question, “which lithium prices best reflect market condition?” and explores the value of spot price

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  • Economic outlook 2022 – could stagflation reduce the roaring 20s to a whimper?

    Lasse Sinikallas, director of macroeconomics, shares his outlook for the next 6-12 months, looking at the fundamental drivers of the global economy, including consumption, production and inflation. Discover whether inflation is here to stay, how questions about China hang over the entire global economy and more

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  • Energy transition: The complex path to net zero

    Technology entrepreneur Elon Musk once described the ongoing use of fossil fuels and their generation of a vast carbon footprint as “the dumbest experiment in human history.”

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Featured energy transition prices

From copper to lithium, we've got the key energy transition materials covered

  • Copper prices

    From raw materials to specific grades we provide extensive pricing coverage of this essential metal.

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  • Lithium prices

    We provide prices that cover the various grades and types of lithium used in EVs, batteries, electronics and their raw materials.

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  • Cobalt prices

    Covering both grades and payables our cobalt prices include our benchmark price Cobalt standard grade, in-whs Rotterdam, $/lb.

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Energy transition products and services

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Fastmarkets customers can access the energy transition market page. It gives you a comprehensive view of the latest news and prices in key segments of the energy transition, including energy and power materials, and energy and power infrastructure. It includes detailed price correlations for the relevant minor metals, alloys, base metals, industrial minerals, non-ferrous scrap and steel products. Rare earths are also important here.