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Pulp, paper and packaging insights

Stay on top of the latest fiber trends and market shifts

The global forest industry is recovering from the wide-reaching economic impact of Covid-19 – but the story is far from over. This insights hub helps bring the global pulp, paper and packaging market into focus by giving you access to reports, events, and news shaping the industry and affecting historical, current and future prices.


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The 2021 price rally was the fastest and steepest the market has seen. Understand what's behind the market changes.

Featured content

  • China Pulp Trends

    China pulp wrap

    Stay ahead of price fluctuations signaled by the launch of the SHFE pulp contract. Sign up to read our monthly price assessment.

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  • Card list widget template - OCC box - 507x298

    US OCC prices hit a four-year high

    August box demand and low supply drive all RCP prices higher for third month in a row.

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  • The future of China pulp futures

    For the first time, market participants can hedge their exposure to future price swings for imported pulp into China.

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  • Delivery of packages

    Market fundamentals paper packaging

    A guide to recognizing the key factors behind the changing paper packaging market.

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  • European magazine paper prices increase sharply

    Producers actions to reduce losses raise raw material costs, the market now braces for Q4 hikes.

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  • How Latin America lost a decade of economic progress

    Public spending and global commodity prices are driving up prices while unemployment levels remain high and purchasing power stagnates.

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  • Wood pulp with leaf

    Pulp price volatility: Seven things you need to know

    Find out what’s driving price and creating volatility, and what role pulp futures trading played in the recent price rally.

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  • Wood pulp texture

    Pulp and paper mill tracker

    Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on North American mills and machines

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  • VIDEO: A forest products market in transformation

    5 key drivers to watch in the Latin American market

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  • E-commerce: Packaging goes core

    Why the role of paper packaging in e-commerce business is critical.

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  • Card list widget - ecommerce food box - 507x298

    Uncertainty in the forest products markets

    The risk of overlooking the forces driving the next normal.

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    VIDEO: Asia RCP policies rebalancing trade flow

    Why packaging producers are searching for alternative fiber sources.

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Pulp, paper and packaging events

Pulp, paper and packaging events

Delivering actionable insight through forecasts, executive discussion and networking opportunities across the forest product supply chain.