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The pandemic drove unprecedented wood products demand and price volatility. Pandemic house-buying and DIY boom-building exhausted supply and backlogged builders for months.

Now we face labor shortages, supply chain challenges, and more extreme weather events. Global and macroeconomic forces will continue to influence the industry’s output in unexpected ways. Track news, prices and forecasts to anticipate when the market will shift next.

What’s happening in the wood products market?

Changing consumer behaviors and supply chain challenges have increased price volatility in the wood products market. Keep up to date with critical market changes that impact your business. We cover developments on housing starts, home sales, interest rates, mergers and acquisitions, government and public policy and issues impacting mill production levels.

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With supply outpacing demand, western sheathing prices are beginning to drop
Deacon Lumber Company’s Stinson Dean shares his insights on the causes of price volatility and managing price risks
Chile has recently become the world’s largest foreign MDF supplier to the US
Southern Yellow Pine prices have plummeted in recent months as a result of inflation and other economic challenges
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  • Plywood spruce sheathing (Western Canada) 3-ply CSP 9.5mm delivered Toronto C$
  • Plywood douglas fir sheathing (Western Canada) 7-Ply CSP 25.5mm delivered Winnipeg C$
  • Oriented strand board underlayment (Western Canada) 19/32-inch t&g delivered Edmonton C$
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Find out how we assess and forecast prices for pulp, wood, biomass and more
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We recognize the importance of being clear about our price assessment and index process. Our independently audited pricing process aligns with core IOSCO principles and we have successfully completed assurance reviews for our financial benchmarks in metals and mining, forest products and agriculture.
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