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Navigating the complexities of today’s US housing market requires more than just intuition; it demands reliable price data, unbiased news and comprehensive analytics to make informed decisions. From supply chain disruptions and labor shortages to affordability pressures, interest rate fluctuations and volatile raw material prices, various factors are reshaping the landscape of the US housing market.

Volatility in lumber prices has a direct impact on the cost of construction materials, which in turn affects housing affordability and supply. When lumber prices are high, these costs can be passed onto buyers through higher home prices and cause delays or scale back new construction projects.

Our reflective data solutions offer critical insights into housing market health and raw material price trends and supply chain dynamics to inform your investment strategies, maximizing returns in a fluctuating market.

How Fastmarkets data can help you:

  • Transparent, market-reflective pricing and news to manage risks, spot opportunities and fine-tune strategies.
  • Metro-level analytics for over 30 US regions, tailored to key markets including single-family and multi-family homes.
  • Long-term forecasts (5-15 years) backed by 50 years of historical data for solid future planning.
  • Short-term market analysis for a 1-2 year outlook to navigate immediate market shifts.
  • Cost and performance benchmarks across 4,500 companies and 16,500 projects in the wood products sector.

Discover how Fastmarkets’ price data can help your business drive sustainable growth and innovation in the ever-moving construction market.

US housing market news and predictions

North American softwood lumber exports to offshore destinations posted mild gains in the first quarter, sustaining the momentum evident in the second half of 2023. Want to predict the future of the lumber market? Learn more about our short-term and long-term forecasts and asset analysis for the global forest products market today. Learn more. Canadian exports overseas reached […]

What factors are driving the significant downturn in US housing starts, accompanied by a decrease in building permits?

U.S. housing starts in February posted a double-digit percentage increase month-over-month as construction picked up following a weather-related lull in January. Want to predict the future of the lumber market? Learn more about our short-term and long-term forecasts and asset analysis for the global forest products market today. Learn more. The Census Bureau reported total U.S. starts at […]

Steep declines in multifamily housing starts contributed to a disappointing finish for the 2023 Canadian housing market. According to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, November housing starts for all areas declined by 22% from last month. Starts were logged at an annualized rate of 212,624 units, down from 272,264 in October, a 19% drop […]

Softwood lumber traders worldwide begin 2024 with a glimmer of hope that a post-pandemic new normal might finally emerge after several years of upheaval. Plateauing interest rates and encouraging signs in the U.S. housing market in late 2023 provided a reason for guarded optimism in North America. U.S. and Canadian exports to China increased last […]

Another year is behind us, with no shortage of discussion topics when reflecting on the US residential construction and wood products markets in 2023. In many ways, the year played out how our team expected as we laid out in last year’s “Predictions” piece. Here is how our predictions played out throughout 2023: Want to […]

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