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Base metals like copper, aluminium, nickel and alumina are some of the world’s most frequently traded commodities. With so many forces bearing down on the base metals market, win-win outcomes for negotiations depend on the depth and breadth of your understanding of the market.

Our global coverage, prices and forecasts give you the critical insights to understand what’s driving volatility and help you minimize risk and predict future trends.

Our team of market experts provides more than 150 base metals prices from across the globe to empower you with the most current market-reflective prices, historical trends and future outlooks. And, as the drive to lower carbon emissions intensifies, Fastmarkets is leading the way with low-carbon aluminium pricing launched in 2021.

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Prices for cobalt metal have witnessed a sustained rally and recovery in recent weeks, after hitting lows at the beginning of the year, even while market participants see challenging conditions on the supply side in the longer term
Glencore’s Gary Nagle might have spoken too soon when he said that his company wouldn’t be hit by a nickel fraud similar to that seen by its rival, Trafigura
The European Union’s much-anticipated Critical Raw Materials Act, announced on Thursday March 16 by European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, has set out new lists of the raw materials now formally designated as strategic and critical
The London Metal Exchange is facing lawsuits seeking damages collectively worth more than half a billion dollars for losses that investors allege they suffered as a result of nickel trades being canceled by the exchange last year
Continued tightness of class one supply within Europe and increased buying interest amid falling London Metal Exchange nickel prices and fresh liquidity have prompted an increase in premiums within Europe, while US and Chinese premiums remain steady for now
China’s automotive sector output and sales showed double-digit increases on both a monthly and an annual basis in February 2023, thanks to support from local governments as well as carmakers’ own sales promotions, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM)
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  • Aluminium primary foundry alloy silicon 7 ingot annual premium, cif MJP, $/tonne
  • Aluminium primary foundry alloy silicon 7 ingot premium, ddp Eastern Europe, $/tonne
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