How the lithium market is helping shape a greener future

The next decade is critical to the success of the lithium market with increasing and sustained demand coming from the global new energy markets. Growth in electric vehicles continues to drive lithium demand, but this rapid growth is testing the market’s ability to expand supply. Keep on top of lithium price volatility with our lithium price data.

Current and future battery materials market participants need a clear and robust understanding of the factors at play to enable decision-making guided by their strategies and the evolution of the market. Our experts are embedded in this market, providing price data and market intelligence to help you make sense of today and tomorrow. Stay informed through our news, forecasting and analysis.

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    The company will be growing its battery-grade lithium carbonate or hydroxide production from its new direct-lithium extraction (DLE) project

    Volatile BRM prices can generate uneven profits and highlight the need for risk management

    Lepidolite producers in China have been a major wildcard in the lithium industry of late, with production surging despite its higher cost, energy-intensive nature.

    Traders have built up their presence in the lithium market in recent years; they see an opportunity in lower prices – after record highs set in 2022 – while the lithium industry aims to take advantage of an expected growth in demand spurred by the global energy transition

    Brazilian spodumene concentrate producer, Sigma Lithium, is mulling strategies during the current spodumene price downturn, including going further downstream to become one of the most competitive companies in the intermediate lithium chemicals market, chief executive officer Ana Cabral said on Thursday February 1

    China’s spot lithium prices edged up over the week to Thursday February 1 amid a sharp uptick in restocking demand ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday (LNY), and some sellers refraining from making sales to increase prices, sources told Fastmarkets

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